Using Designer Sounds To Heal & Balance Chakras For Optimal Health & Well-being

Psychosonic Therapy is an awesome new technique in Sound Healing that incorporates the esoteric science of the 7 Rays and the mathematical laws of sound/music. On the surface, it might appear plain and simple as the title of this article suggests. Indeed, we use designer sounds to assist body healing and by so doing enhance mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. But don’t let the simplicity of presentation fool you. Behind the unassuming face of Psychosonic Therapy lies a very intricate amalgamation of esoteric tradition and mathematical ingenuity.

Unlike many other sound healing techniques that are either based on subjective Oriental traditions or objective Occidental science, Psychosonic Therapy is a fine blend of both worlds. Credit is due to the wise men of the east as well as the scientific pioneers of the west.  Especially to Djwhal Khul who summarized the Ageless Wisdom of the 7 Rays and presented same to western minds. Before his fine exposition, we had Pythagoras who spearheaded the scientific movement that revealed the laws of sound and harmonics. He is believed to be the father of Mathematics, Geometry, Music, and Harmonics, amongst other disciplines. He was the first to propose the scientific use of sound and music as medicine. Beyond mere propositions, Pythagoras performed feats of healing with sound and music. His work on the laws of harmonics formed the basis of modern musicology.

Ancient vs Modern – The Dilemma Of Sound Therapy Practice

Sound healing is an ancient art and, as Pythagoras demonstrated, it is also a science. The efficacy of Sound Healing has received a wide attestation from both healers and patients. A number of disease conditions have been successfully treated with Sound. From simple headaches to migraines, relief of pain, clearing of sinuses, relieving stress and lifting depression. The list is gradually growing.

Amongst vibrational medicine practitioners, the prevalent explanation for healing is that each part of the human body has its own resonant frequency. This is its natural frequency of vibration and disease occurs if it assumes a dissonant vibratory frequency. For these practitioners, the art of healing reduces to helping a dis-eased part retune to its resonant frequency. They accomplish healing by applying sounds and music that are rich in the resonant frequency of the diseased part.

As plausible as the foregoing may sound, it presents a certain difficulty to the modern sound therapist. Determining the natural resonant frequency of each part of the body is such an arduous task. More so, when one cannot decide beforehand what constitutes a unit part of the body. Is it the organ system or the organs within the system? Is it the tissues within the organ? Or the millions of cells making up the tissues? Could it be the billions of atoms and molecules making up the cells? Such is the puzzle that has hampered the development of sound therapy practice hence the resort to ancient sound healing modalities like the singing bowls, gongs, and drums.

Psychosonic Therapy – The Solution

In my opinion, vibrational medicine practitioners in the West are advancing too slowly in the field of Sound Therapy. This is mainly due to their averseness to relevant knowledge from the East. Take, for instance, the eastern concept of the 7 major chakras (energy centres) of the subtle body. I believe the confusion in determining the precise resonant frequency of each part of the body can be resolved by adopting the chakra system as the basic energy structure of the human body.

Good enough, western scientists are beginning to probe some obvious correspondences between the chakra system of the East and the endocrine system of the West. That is a very important pointer. The endocrine glands could well represent the basic units of the human body with regards to determining resonant frequencies. On careful consideration, one will find that the part played by the endocrine glands in body homeostasis, mirrors an underlying process of vibratory homeostasis. Elsewhere on this website, I will expound upon the hypothesis of “Vibratory Homeostasis as it features prominently in Psychosonic Therapy.

Results From Personal Research & Experimentation

In my research and experimentation along the lines of vibratory homeostasis, I have blended subjective wisdom traditions from the East with objective scientific methods of the West. I have drawn on the correspondences between the Chakra system, the esoteric trans-Himalayan science of the 7 Rays, and the mathematical laws of sound/music.

One result of this endeavour is the derivation of frequency sets that very closely approximate the natural vibratory frequencies of the 7 chakras. When these sets of frequencies I derived are applied to the human body, they stimulate the chakras via the principle of “Resonance“. In addition, these frequencies stimulate the control centre of the chakras (in the head region) through the principle of “Entrainment“. When these processes occur simultaneously, a vibratory rapport is established between the chakras and the control centre in the head region thereby facilitating the transmission and reception of energy information to achieve vibratory homeostasis. It is such vibratory homeostasis that underlies the biological homeostasis involving the endocrine glands and organ systems. So goes my supposition.

Psychosonic Harmonizer Sounds/Music

Back in my sound design/engineering studio, I employed the frequencies, previously derived, in creating a series of sounds and music. I call these sounds and music “Psychosonic Harmonizers” and they come in two major variants. The first variant consists of brainwave tones mixed with nature sounds and ambience. Whereas, the second variant involves original musical compositions or pre-existing musical pieces re-engineered to produce brainwave beats, heartbeat rhythms and tones that will stimulate the chakras and enhance health. There is a huge implication here that spells good fortune for receptive music therapy. Musicians in the nearest future will be able to compose music that precisely stimulates the chakra and produce healing effects.

Below is a typical Psychosonic Harmonizer sound that I created from ramped monaural-isochronic brainwave tones. It targets the Root Chakra of an average human:

Following is a sample of Beethoven’s classical piano rendition. I re-tuned and re-engineered the track to target the Heart Chakra of average human beings:

Lastly, here is a fresh composition by Ikwan Onkha targeting the Head Chakra of more advanced human beings:

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Chakras + Psychosonic Harmonizer Sounds/Music = Vibratory Homeostasis

It is worth reiterating the fact that Psychosonic Harmonizer sounds and music work according to the hypothesis of vibratory homeostasis which depends on two well-established principles in the physics of  Sound, namely; “Resonance” and “Entrainment“. To better understand the application of both principles in designing  Psychosonic Harmonizer sounds, we need to consider the following points on how the chakras function.

Firstly, each  chakra is naturally tuned to vibrate with a certain frequency (or a set of frequencies if we consider octaves and harmonics). In physics terminology, this is referred to as the “resonant frequency” of the chakra. According to the principle of “Resonance“, the vibratory activity of a chakra will increase when it encounters external forces vibrating at its resonant frequency. Conversely, a chakra might be forced to abandon its natural frequency and adopt the vibratory frequency of a stronger force within its vicinity. This phenomenon is popularly referred to as “Entrainment.”

Secondly, each chakra in the body has a liaison centre in the head region and all 7 liaison centres are connected to a control centre in the head. So in each case, a triangle of force arbitrarily exists between the chakra, its liaison centre in the head, and the control centre. When the chakra is in tune with its resonant frequency, energy information flow freely between the 3 points of the triangle. The control centre regulates this flow of energy information and communication through an integral protocol. In other words, the control centre forms 7 communication triangles with the 7 major chakras and with its inbuilt algorithm regulates the functions of the chakras. It is this process that engenders homeostasis and forms the cornerstone of autonomous body healing.

The Cause of Disease 

The chakras are constantly in vibratory contact with each other and with the wider web of energies that permeate our entire universe. Due to these endless energetic interactions and incident entrainment, it could happen that a chakra deviates from its resonant frequency and assumes a dissonant frequency of vibration. As a result, the corresponding triangle of force experiences disharmony requiring the homeostatic intervention of the control centre. In a situation where integral homeostatic adjustment proves insufficient to restore vibratory harmony, the dissonance might spiral beyond safe thresholds. The chakra, in that instance, becomes diseased and no longer able to receive and transmit energy information required for the healthy functioning. This condition, if unchecked, spreads to the parts of the body linked to the chakra. Eventually, the spiralling dissonance will manifest as mental, emotional or physical illness.

How Psychosonic Harmonizer Sounds/Music Help To Prevent Disease & Restore Health

As mentioned earlier, we carefully designed the Psychosonic Harmonizer tracks using carrier frequencies that resonate with the 7 major chakras. Listening to a set of Psychosonic Harmonizer sounds/music reinforces the resonant frequencies of the chakras. Resonance stimulates the chakras to greater vibratory activity thereby boosting the chakras’ vibratory resilience to dissonant entrainment. By averting dissonance, consequent disease conditions are checkmated. Psychosonic Harmonizer sounds/music, therefore, help to prevent diseases.

In addition to strengthening the natural vibratory activity of the chakra and its liaison centre in the head via “Resonance”, listening to Psychosonic Harmonizer sounds/music stimulates the energy control centre via “Entrainment”. Simultaneous stimulation of the control centre and the chakra enhances vibratory rapport needed for the free flow of energy information. It gives impetus to the recalibration of the energy system thereby aiding homeostatic functions. That describes how Psychosonic Harmonizers assist in the restoration and maintenance of health and well-being. 

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How To Use Psychosonic Harmonizer Sounds/Music

The following recommendations will help any user to derive maximum benefits from listening to Psychosonic Harmonizer sounds/music.

  1. Get into a comfortable position and relax as much as possible.
  2. Breathe gently and deeply for a few moments.
  3. Focus your thoughts on healing and optimal mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. This instruction is in line with the esoteric principle that “energy follows thought”.
  4. Listen to the set of 7 tracks and visualize your subtle energy system recalibrating for optimal health and wellbeing.
  5. Immerse yourself in the sound and let it permeate your whole being.
  6. Do not force anything and it is okay to sleep off while listening to the sound.
  7. Each track is about 8 minutes long and focuses on a particular chakra. It takes about 7 minutes to retune a chakra for maximum resilience. I recommend that you listen to the entire duration of 8 minutes.
  8. Also, listen to the entire set of 7 tracks from beginning to the end without skipping tracks. The recommended sequence is as follows: base – sacral – solar plexus – heart – ajna – head.
Other Recommendations

You will notice that we have presented Psychosonic Harmonizer sounds/music in two categories, namely: Category A and Category B. This is due to the fact that the resonant frequencies of the chakras vary according to the level of psychological evolution attained by an individual. “Category A” includes every human being that has attained “self-consciousness” but has not gone further than that. Approximately, 70% of human beings fall within this group. “Category B” includes every human being that has gone a little further than “self-consciousness” and have attained “group consciousness”. Approximately, 30% of human beings fall within this group.

One way to quickly determine your group is to ask yourself if you know and understand what group consciousness means. If your answer is ‘Yes” then you fit within the 30% – Category B. But if your answer is “No” or you are in doubt, then you fall within the 70% – Category A.

Safety Issues

Psychosonic Harmonizer sounds/music are perfectly safe to use and there are absolutely NO adverse side effects.

If you need further clarification, please contact me via our contact page or simply leave a comment below.




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