Important Notice:

Before you purchase any of our products please note that Psychosonic Harmonizer sounds/music come in two categories, namely: Category A and Category B. This is due to the fact that the resonant frequencies of the chakras vary from one individual human being to another according to the level of psychological evolution attained.

“Category A” includes every human being that has attained “self-consciousness” but has not gone further than that. Approximately, 70% of human beings fall within this group.

“Category B” includes every human being that has gone a little further than “self-consciousness” and have attained “group consciousness”. Approximately, 30% of human beings fall within this group.

One way to quickly determine your group is to ask yourself if you know and understand what group consciousness means. If your answer is ‘Yes” then you fit within the 30% – Category B. But if your answer is “No” or you are in doubt, then you fall within the 70% – Category A.

Now select your appropriate category and proceed.

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